NEA Venture Capital Innovation Summit

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The Event Production Company (EPC) was tasked with orchestrating the NEA Venture Capital Innovation Summit, a premier in-person event designed to illuminate the investment landscape for innovative start-ups in the Middle East. New Enterprise Associates (NEA) stands as a pioneering venture capital firm on a global stage, committed to nurturing entrepreneurs as they forge industry-leading businesses. With an impressive portfolio exceeding $25 billion in assets under management, NEA offers strategic investments across the technology and healthcare landscapes, supporting ventures from their inception through to public offering.

In Person
New Enterprise Associates (NEA)
September 2023


This summit, held in Abu Dhabi and Riyadh in September 2023, was designed to foster entrepreneurship, creating a nexus for pivotal healthcare and technology leaders to connect and collaborate. Our role was to ensure a seamless execution of the summit that would promote collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the exploration of growth opportunities in this vibrant sector.

Our objective was to create a dynamic and engaging platform for industry leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, CFOs, senior government officials, and investors to gather and explore the future of venture capital innovation. The summit took place against the luxurious backdrops of the Four Seasons Hotel in Abu Dhabi and the Aseel Resort in Riyadh, providing an exceptional setting for this landmark event. We focused on delivering an exceptional experience that would not only spotlight the region's potential but also encourage global investment and the exchange of insights.

Challenge & Solution

Tasked with reimagining the conventional banquet setup, we embraced an open-circle style seating arrangement along the venue's perimeter—a refreshing challenge that pivoted towards enhancing attendee engagement and comfort. Transitioning from the traditional to the innovative, we introduced lounge-inspired elements—sofas, armchairs, and coffee tables—infusing the space with a warm, inviting ambiance conducive to networking and interaction. Strategic placements of coffee tables, side tables, and floral arrangements in brand colours further unified the setting, striking an optimal balance between professional decorum and a cozy, intimate atmosphere. This thoughtfully designed environment not only elevated the aesthetic appeal but also fostered a sense of community and open dialogue among participants, making every conversation an opportunity for meaningful connection and collaboration.

Responding to the client's desire to prioritise sustainability—our expertise—we refined the event with technological and interactive enhancements. Digital displays and screens enriched attendees' experience, blending essential information with atmospheric enhancement.

Our fusion of lounge furniture, decorative accents, and interactive tech transformed the conference space into a dynamic environment that not only connected with participants but also promoted engagement and collaboration, ensuring a memorable experience for all.


The NEA Venture Capital Innovation Summit was heralded as a tremendous success, achieving its goal of enhancing the visibility of the Middle East's venture capital market and fostering connections between local and international stakeholders. The event drew significant attention, with participants praising the quality of discussions and the opportunities for networking. Start-ups and entrepreneurs left the summit with enhanced prospects for investment and growth, buoyed by the connections and insights gained.

The execution of the summit not only set a new standard for event production in the region but also contributed significantly to the momentum of innovation and venture capital investment in the Middle East.

Unique perimeter seating arrangement

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