SAB Alawwal Bank - Evolving Firsts, Building Inauguration & Networking Event

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The Event Production Company was honoured to conceptualise and deliver the "Evolving Firsts, Building Inauguration & Networking Event" on behalf of SAB Alawwal Bank (SAB) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (KSA). In the landscape of Saudi Arabian finance, SAB Alawwal Bank emerges as a titan, forged through a strategic merger with Alawwal Bank to become the Kingdom's largest banking institution, a beacon of growth, innovation, and unparalleled customer service. With its roots stretching back over 90 years, SAB's evolution is marked by its dedication to excellence in financial services, pioneering digital innovation, and its instrumental role in propelling Saudi Vision 2030, symbolising a future-focused, customer-centric powerhouse in the global banking arena.

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SAB Alawwal Bank
October 2023


This high-profile event was designed to unveil the new SAB building, celebrating the bank's influential history, its pivotal role in the Saudi Arabian regional economy, and its unwavering commitment to heritage, values, and ethics.

The event was a testament to SAB's journey of transformation and growth, spotlighting its contributions to the nation's development while staying grounded in its core values. We crafted a visually immersive experience using state-of-the-art technology, allowing guests to journey through SAB's storied past and envision its future trajectory. The event narrative was brought to life through a blend of creativity and innovation, engaging the audience in a multi-sensory exploration of the bank's legacy and ongoing impact.


Capturing the essence of SAB Alawwal Bank's extensive history and its significance to Saudi Arabia's development, within the constraints of a single event, posed an interesting challenge. The requirement was to encapsulate the bank's ethos, achievements, and future aspirations in a manner that was both engaging and informative, catering to the discerning tastes of 300 VVIP guests. The task demanded a sophisticated blend of storytelling, technical innovation, and cultural sensitivity.


To meet this challenge, EPC assembled a highly skilled team comprising two producers, six animators, two graphic designers, two editors, a director, a sound engineer, a translation producer, and two client service liaisons. Over 336 hours, the team created an array of creative and interactive assets in both English and Arabic. The event featured:

  • A 3D Holo Cube with four animated scenes on a two-minute rotation, offering a fully integrated 3D projection experience.
  • Six curved, wide, and sliding screens for a life-size 3D mapping journey through 33 content pieces.
  • Six OLED screens, each displaying different creative visuals.
  • A fourteen-metre LED screen, enhancing the immersive experience.

This innovative approach enabled guests to interact with the content through various screen types and formats, including a first-of-its-kind pop-up bank museum.


The "Evolving Firsts, Building Inauguration & Networking Event" for SAB Alawwal Bank was a resounding success, delivering a night to truly remember for the 300 VVIP guests. The event not only honoured SAB's heritage and contributions to Saudi Arabia (KSA) but also underscored the bank's forward-looking ethos and readiness to embrace change. The execution of this event exemplified the power of innovative storytelling and technical excellence, setting a new benchmark for corporate events in the region. The positive feedback from attendees and the client underscored the event's impact, marking it as a significant milestone in SAB Alawwal Bank's history and in the legacy of The Event Production Company.

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