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About Project

The World Health Organization has launched a new roadmap for neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) to 2030, charting the pathway to end neglected tropical diseases. Building on from the success of the London Declaration on NTDs, Uniting to Combat Neglected Tropical Diseases (Uniting), led by countries and supported by partners, has developed a new political declaration on NTDs, which will succeed the London Declaration - the Kigali Declaration on NTDs. The London Declaration was successful in mobilising donor commitments, including US$17Bn worth of donated medicines from pharmaceutical companies. The Kigali Declaration is seeking to sustain these existing commitments from donors, whilst mobilising political and domestic commitments from countries affected. Ahead of World NTD Day on the 30th of January 2022, Uniting will host a high-level event, on Thursday 27 January 2022. This event will: celebrate the achievements of the London Declaration; launch the 100% Committed campaign to ending NTDs; and, kick off endorsements for the Kigali Declaration. The 100% Committed campaign will be led by countries affected, backed by bold financial and political commitments, and championed by civil society, influencers, and people affected by NTDs calling for action. It will be energising, positive and aspirational in tone, highlighting how we are 100% Committed to ending NTDs and achieving the WHO’s ambitious target of 100 countries eliminating an NTD by 2030. It will showcase the 43 countries (and hopefully more) that have already eliminated at least one NTD so far, proving ending these diseases is possible. We propose that Heads of State, representing at least four regions of the world, that are highly endemic to NTDs, are launch champions, and kick-off the endorsement and the commitments that will help deliver the Kigali Declaration on NTDs. Endorsements and commitments mobilised will be unveiled at the soon to be rescheduled malaria and NTDs Summit on the margins of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Kigali, Rwanda. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to change the lives of over 1.7 billion people who are affected by NTDs. By ‘end NTDs’ we mean NTDs are controlled, eliminated or eradicated, as outlined in the WHO NTD 2030 road map.

Hybrid Events
Uniting to Combat NTDs
January 2022

The Brief

• Recognise and celebrate partners that have supported countries in the 10 years since the London Declaration, to encourage sustained and renewed commitments

• Pass the baton from the donor ledLondon Declaration to a country led and country owned Kigali Declaration

• Launch the 100% Committed movement to End Neglected Tropical Diseases and use it to kick-start endorsements and commitments to the Kigali Declaration

• Set the stage for the upcoming malaria and NTDs summit on the margins of CHOGM in 2022

• Recognise the leadership of endemic countries and generate new domestic commitments to fight NTDs and strengthen health systems

The Challenge

To host a global event to launch a new movement to end neglected tropical diseases- called 100% committed - and influence Heads of State and change makers to prioritise tackling neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) and make tangible commitments.

• Celebrate what has been achieved since the London Declaration on NTDs, delivering incredible success for countries and individuals affected by NTDs.

• Launch 100% committed and the KigaliDeclaration on NTDs

• Inspire audiences to act.

• Generate visibility of NTDs as a key issue, outlining that progress is possible.

• Mobilise political and public support for investment in NTDs.

Event production aims:

• To deliver a high-energy fun, creative online event - not a zoom webinar - with ‘hub’ location(s)

• With live and pre-recorded content including music, speakers, videos, animations.

• To collaborate with the other creative, media, and communications agencies involved in the 100%committed campaign.

The Result

The Event Production Company developed and ensured that the concept golden thread was implemented and realised across all event elements and guest touchpoints including but not limited to:

• Run of Show, Storyboarding, and Scripting elements.

• Multilingual Registration portal landing page, email communications, and webinar viewing platform.

• Physical and digital backdrops for pre-recorded and live participants & guest viewing experience.

• Overlays, lower thirds, etc.

• Videos, animations, transitions and incorporation of live avatar.

• Pre-recorded and live event entertainment elements.

• Translation, Subtitling &Simultaneous Interpretation from English to French, Spanish & Portuguese.

• Scripting.

• Original Song Composition, recording and oversight.

• High Energy Drumming Performance withArial Video Mapping.

• Staging and Technical Support.

• 17 Speaker & high-Level Heads ofState management and recording.

• Live MC & speaker broadcast.

• Live chat moderation & facilitation.

• Venue & Studio management includingJOC.

• Post Event viewing experience in English,French, Spanish & Portuguese.

• Post Event Analytics.


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