9 Ideas for Virtual Events to Raise Brand Awareness

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May 28, 2020

If you are planning an event, you need to promote it as widely as you can. This is the only way to get your target audience and the right number of people to attend it. The digital world and technology have paved the way for non-traditional ways of creating brand awareness, and that is where virtual events come in.

We are going to take a look at what a virtual event is and some unique ideas that you can use to raise the awareness of your brand using virtual events.

Young woman attending virtual events in her office
Young woman attending virtual events in her office

What are Virtual Events?

Also known as an online event, a virtual event is a shared gathering that is conducted over the internet. Unlike traditional events that restrict participants to one location, virtual events are more flexible, and one can attend regardless of their location as long as they have access to the internet.

Virtual events are very common today. Here are some virtual events ideas that you can use to raise awareness for your brand:


With so many great seminars, expos, and conferences being held out there, you must find a way of standing out. INBOUND is a marketing conference by HubSpot who creates conferences all year round to help brands promote their events as they also raise their awareness.

This platform allows the audience to view past speeches and sessions and also creates new and original content for their audience to view regularly. This will allow your target audience to see your brand as much as possible.

2. Outreach Marketing Virtual Summit (OMVS)

The OMVS is an event hosted by GroupHigh, which is the largest blogger database in the world. The event is held online, and it has expert information given by marketing experts. This platform records session that they use to continue marketing their company after the conclusion of the virtual event.

To promote your brand, use the virtual event session that you recorded. This will help to build a buzz concerning your products or services.

3. Event Marketing School

This platform’s primary goal is to help companies host an event that is ROI positive. Event Marketing School has worked with companies like Salesforce. IBM and Delta to educate marketers, technologists, and event planners.

The events on this platform are very well-received because they try as much as possible to make them feel more personable. To great idea to raise awareness for your brand as you market on this platform is to have an event host. The host will make your virtual event feel more authentic and personal.

4. Gainsight PulseCheck

One of the great benefits of using virtual events to raise brand awareness is the fact that it offers an opportunity to repurpose your content easily. The sessions are recorded and then streamed to virtual attendees. These sessions can be used as marketing materials even after the event is over like lead magnets.

Gainsight’s virtual event names PulseCheck builds a company’s email list offers the recorded sessions for free to new subscribers. Use the recorded sessions after your virtual even as marketing collateral to keep growing your business.

5. Apple Special Events

A few times a year, Apple, the tech giant, invites special guests, bloggers, and press to witness the launch of their new products in person. These events are legendary and are also streamed on the internet so that the public can learn about the new product.

This is an event idea that all companies should take advantage of. Use your virtual event to make an announcement about your company, promote a new product or service, or anything else that your audience can find exciting.

6. AWSome Day Online Conference

This is an Amazon event that shows the services of the AWS platform, like network, storage, databases, and compute. It also trains those in attendance on how to use them. This platform will allow you to make your virtual event free of charge.

Using this platform is a great B2B event marketing idea, and if you want more people to attend the event, remove the barrier of entry. This means all who wish to attend will do so because they do not have to pay.

7. Women’s Strength Summit

This virtual event has a specific audience, women. It is aimed to help women get out of their comfort zones and build stronger minds, bodies, and spirits. The WSS has been a success because it targets an audience: women around the world to improve their well-being.

If the product or service that you want to promote has a specified audience, you can use the WSS virtual event idea. This will help you create a deeper bond with your core audience.

8. Global Growth Marketing

MobileMoney hosts this event, and it teaches attendees how to market their companies better and close more deals. Some speakers during the event include experts from Uber, DocuSign, Amazon, and more. The events were free, but the recordings are now being sold.

You should also consider hosting a similar virtual event, give free access to the conference so that you can have as many people as possible in attendance. This will help build brand awareness.


BOUNDLESS is mainly designed to build a person’s skills in the art of selling. This virtual event was held in 2019 for the first time and was a huge success. It featured actionable CRM tips and keynote speeches from great sales professionals in the world.

While hosting your virtual event, you can position your products or services as a tool for those in attendance to implement the new knowledge that they find. This is a great way to increase the ROI of the event and, of course, brand.

If you are hosting in-person events, you can consider streaming it live online and use a Dubai event agency, to reach more audiences and raise awareness.

Host Virtual Events to Help Grow Your Brand

These and more ideas will help you host an amazing virtual event that your attendees will love and grow your brand as well. Virtual events are sure to be more common than before. Organizations will want to reach a wider scope of audience to raise their brand awareness.

Want to learn more about growing your brand? Or are you looking for a Dubai event agency to help with event planning? Well, book a consultation with us to know more about virtual events and how you can use them to raise your brand awareness.


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