The Power of Drones in Events and Marketing

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Elton Lee Hesketh
April 11, 2021

Drones captured the imagination of people across the globe in 2020 when awe-inspiring aerial displays lit-up the skies over Seoul, South Korea and over Nashville, Pennsylvania and Philadelphia in the United States to honour healthcare workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If a few hundred drones in coordinated aerial displays could touch the hearts of millions and spread a message of hope to the world from a safe distance and so memorably, just imagine what drones can do for brands.

Taking brands and people to new heights

The use of drones for marketing and events is certainly catching on. From live streaming of concerts, festivals and sporting events to visual drone shows, gift drops and aerial tours of remote landscapes, drones present opportunities for brands to entertain, show, reach and educate people who cannot be there in person.

In the era of social distancing, when grand scale in-person events aren’t possible, travel is restricted and budgets constrained, drone shows and videography can take brands to people, and people to heights and places, that would otherwise be unrealistic or impossible.  

As with all new and innovative technologies, drones for use in aerial photography, video production, shows and other purposes do come at a cost, but not prohibitively so. As the technology has begun to mature, prices have and will continue to drop. Considering the expense of commissioning a helicopter and pilot to accomplish aerial inspections, videos, photography and surveys, drones are considerably more cost effective. Of course, there are laws around using drones at events, and you would need a drone pilot with a license to operate unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

Elevate your events and marketing to new heights…

  • Take people right into the crowd at music festivals
  • Show the fast-paced action at sports events
  • Reveal behind-the-scenes footage of events
  • Scope the inner-workings of your business
  • Showcase the activities at indoor events, including exhibitions and conferences
  • Offer bird-eye views of locations, property, leisure activities, and more
  • Document new builds, construction and landscaping

Marketing videos

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, videos say much more. A one-minute video is touted to be worth around 1.8-million words! Videos are more captivating, attention-grabbing and memorable. Videos also get more shares on social media than stagnant graphics and text. Marketers tend to agree that videos drive conversions. So, whether you want to delight, entertain, educate or inform, video is the way to go. That’s if high engagement is what you want. Drones make aerial shots and video production for your marketing videos easier, more cost efficient and immersive. They can also get into hard-to-reach places and come close to the action.

Live streaming

Use drones to live stream events and happenings as they happen to give viewers a chance to be part of the action, even if they could not be there in person. Live streaming from drones, shown on monitors stationed around an event or venue gives people greater perspective on what is happening around them and you can showcase all the other experiences that are available at your event. Incorporating live streamed drone footage into your live event creates an immersive experience to viewers who are not there and heightens the production value of live broadcasts.

Drone shows

Think fireworks on steroids but safer and less noisy. Drone light shows are synchronized, choreographed aerial displays performed by hundreds of illuminated swarms of drones. Controlled by computer, from the ground, drones dance into dramatic, coordinated aerial formations for entertainment and marketing purposes. The drones used in aerial light shows feature powerful LED lights and GPS sensors to produce a mesmerising range of effects with exciting opportunities for aerial storytelling. You can even use drones to create the dazzle and drama of a fireworks display indoors.

Got the footage, now what?

As we have said, people respond better to videos than any other type of information. We are highly visual. We watch, learn and process visual information faster, better and for longer. That’s why visual content is so crucial to your marketing campaigns – and for making that connection with your audiences.

We agree with HubSpot that video is central to marketing outreach and campaign efforts, especially social strategies. Drones seamlessly take video production to the next level, giving you the chance to create the most amazing visuals for your marketing and social media campaigns. Broadcast your events live on social media, live stream, share videos, and create visual spectaculars that people talk about and share.

Like those drone light shows for healthcare workers that went viral in 2020, your video content can too touch and impact people around the world. It just has to be worth watching and sharing. People will watch and share content that is entertaining, funny, informative and moving.  If you create engaging video content that makes your audience feel good, intrigued or enlightened, they will share it and return to see more.

It’s also about timing and location! Some of the best channels for activating your shareable video content are:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

Ask us how

With over 25 years of experience producing world-class, memorable events, The Event Production Company knows the best ways to activate brands through experiences that leave lasting impressions. We will help you activate your brand with engaging, share-worthy videos and visual spectaculars. Talk to us about using drones at your events and drone videography in your marketing campaigns.


“If you can dream it, you can do it”. - Walt Disney...and we’ll be here to help make it a reality.

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