How To Design A Cutting-Edge Event

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Elton Lee Hesketh
April 23, 2019

Artificial intelligence has long been the subject of widespread debate. Some place it on a pedestal and credit all their success to it whilst others think it’s the apocalypse in disguise. For event planning companies that focus on making lasting impressions on people, using technology to achieve this is a wise step in the right direction.

As one of the top event management companies in Dubai, The Event Production Company is constantly updating its skill set, keeping technology at the forefront of this. Here are some popular technology trends the event industry is embracing.

Accelerate the check-in process with facial recognition

As an event agency, make the right impression from the very beginning with a flawless check-in process. Surprise guests at your event with a seamless check-in that’s fuelled by technology. Event management companies cite registration as one of the most practical uses for facial recognition. It can also be used to customise your guest’s experience throughout the event. Facial recognition as a check-in feature at your next event will save a significant amount of time per guest.

Make small talk with a chatbot

In addition to an FAQ page, employ a chatbot to answer basic questions guests may throw its way. What are the event timings? How much does a ticket cost? How do I organise a group pass? While these questions may already be answered on your website, your chatbot will simplify the search process by answering them immediately. It also adds an interactive element to your guest’s experience.

Another benefit of using a chatbot is that they’re available around the clock. If a guest has a spontaneous question at 3AM, they won’t have to wait until 9AM the next day for an answer. Chatbots are also more cost-effective than a human chat agent.

Give your guests their 15 seconds of fame

Live social media walls are all the rage in the event industry. The chance of viewing their content for 15 seconds on a public screen is incentive enough to encourage your guests to promote your event on social media. You can also encourage social media buzz at your event by involving your guests in content competitions. Best of all – social media walls are user-friendly for both the organisers and the attendees.

Don’t let your guests get lost in translation

Event agencies welcome guests from around the globe, and with a multicultural crowd comes a variety of different languages. While translators can be hired to assist with multilingual conversations, wearable tech can further ease this process.

Translation headphones aren’t a novel invention but are only just entering the world of events as a conversational tool. Google has already jumped on board and made this technology accessible with its Google Pixel Buds earphones. What was once the stuff of sci-fi movies is coming alive in the events industry the world over.

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