4 Traits Every Good Event Manager Should Have

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Karen Ashwin
February 10, 2019

4 Traits Every Good Event Manager Should Have

Having worked on grand-scale events from Nelson Mandela’s 85th birthday celebration to live events for prestigious brands like Shell and Ferrari, The Event Production Company has gleaned a bulletproof set of skills over the decades.

Our reputation and wealth of experience working on large-scale events in the Middle East and Africa has made us one of the top event management companies in Dubai.


An ideal event planner is naturally energetic

Events are labour-intensive. They can and will consume every drop of energy you have to offer. They are laboriously organized and executed projects that demand the event planner to be a fountain of endless energy and enthusiasm. This is where passion comes into play. An event planner needs to keep their eyes on the prize and power through long meetings and longer hours to ensure the event is a success.

An ideal event planner is fast on their feet

By fast on their feet, we mean lightning fast. The events industry has a penchant for throwing unexpected curve balls from every single direction. The evening before an event is always a tumultuous one thanks to Murphy’s law. An event planner should have the experience and expertise to control a situation by its reigns, if things start going south. They should also be a team player – a crucial feature in this industry.

An ideal event planner should be confident with technology

Relating to the previous paragraph, technology is a tool that will help an event planner control a wayward situation. Complex software help keep an event running smoothly, and an event planner should know their way around at least the basics of these programs. A tech-savvy event planner will be significantly more confident in a challenging situation than one that isn’t. The Event Production Company places great emphasis on staying on top of current technological trends. By constantly updating our skills, we continue to remain a leading event agency.

An ideal event planner should be as cool as a cucumber

Last-minute challenges are a part and parcel of the event planning waltz. It happens way too frequently for an event planner to lose their cool every time. Keeping your head above the water at all times will also give your team the confidence boost they need when executing an event. Rely on your past experience and strong skills to pull through a tricky situation, and watch yourself successfully emerge on the other side.

The Event Production Company is an award-winning event management agency that specializes in Live Events, Employee Engagement, Exhibitions and Conference Management throughout the Middle East and Africa.


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