GDPR In A Nutshell And How It Will Impact The Events Industry

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Karen Ashwin
December 23, 2018

GDPR In A Nutshell And How It Will Impact The Events Industry

Following Facebook’s recent privacy-related fiasco, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) seems to have made a timely entrance. Initially adopted in April 2016, it has undergone a two-year transition period and will be put into complete action on 25 May 2018. GDPR should be treated as a high priority, especially with the impending deadline. Companies that do not comply with the GDPR by the specified deadline stand at a risk of facing fines as severe as 20 million euros.

In the current digital age, events do not only call for organizational skill, they also demand impeccable security. Events that use physical lists for on-site registration stand at serious risk of having their information stolen. Those that opt for digital registration also risk encryption issues and potential hacks. The Event Production Company uses a bulletproof combination of technological resources and industry experience to ensure our guest’s personal data is impenetrable.

Cutting-edge cybersecurity: What cybersecurity tools does The Event Production company use? What is one of the most common misconceptions about cybersecurity? How does cybersecurity in the UAE differs from the rest of the world?

Secure on-site registration: The Event Production Company uses one of the world’s most sophisticated registration software for its live events – Zkipster. It is also used by globally renowned brands from Porsche and AirBnB to ESPN and GQ Magazine. Having worked on several high-security events, we are extremely particular and selective about the software and digital tools we use at our company and events.

Services beyond brochure staples: The Event Production Company’s services go above and beyond creative. Thanks to our industry experience, we realize there is more to an event than the invitation artwork or flower arrangements. One of our highest priorities is securing our guest’s personal data and we go to extreme lengths to ensure this. Tech-driven logistical support will secure your delegate’s information.

Solid experience with a prestigious portfolio: The Event Production Company is honoured to have worked with Nelson Mandela and a host of Fortune 500 companies. Our decades of event experience paired with our high-profile portfolio makes us the event company of choice when dealing with large-scale events. Our team ensures every single detail is polished to perfection, leaving nothing to chance.

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