Hot-Weather Testing for Car Manufactures

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Karen Ashwin
April 23, 2019

The United Arab Emirates present ideal extreme summer conditions for various car manufactures from around the world to come and test their new and development vehicles.

Vehicles been imported into the UAE must be able to endure the most-punishing extremes of temperature on Earth. And when it comes to putting a new car model through hot-weather testing, “there aren’t many places that fit the bill as literally as Dubai at the peak of summer” says Sean Simpson professional racing driver and drive instructor in the UAE.

Sean Simpson who heads up the Drive Experience portfolio for The Event Production Company and has over a decade of testing vehicles across Africa and the Middle East. Sean is based in Dubai UAE.

He believes that the Emirates present ideal extreme summer conditions – which is why he chose the UAE to help various manufactures test tyres, AC, durability and performance in the extreme heat and at high speeds around the Dubai Autodrome race track. But it does not stop at the track, testing continues in city traffic conditions and up and down the mountain roads of Jebel Jais.

“We need to make sure our client’s products are adapted to the market,” Simpson explains, trackside at the Autodrome. “It’s the reliability, durability and the quality. Simpson works alongside the manufacturing team assisting them with his team of qualified instructors

Hot-weather testing does exactly as the name suggests: challenging cars in conditions of significant temperature, while experts monitor various aspects of performance.

Why manufactures test their vehicles? They need to understand how the car will perform in high temperatures, especially with electronics today. Wind Tunnels can do a lot, but in reality is a different story – congestion, start-stop, open-road and strenuous hill testing is a reality which delivery true results.

Through the manufacturers onboard system, data is continuously captured and monitored and adaptations made for further testing if necessary to allow the team to gain insights that will inform final tweaks to the vehicle.

The UAE summers help the manufacturing market tick all the boxes. There’s temperature, humidity, the dust element. These three elements play a demanding contributing factor.

Both cars and trucks are then built to specification for this part of the world. Manufactures come away with a complete picture; tests will finalise everything and they leave with the knowledge and understanding of their product.

“In today’s world, everything on a car is controlled by software in some shape or form” says Simpson. Components should be built for durability. An AC compressor must be able to run for 365 days. Manufactures need to ensure their component design is robust enough to stand the UAE’s harsh conditions.”

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