How Experiential Marketing Can Redefine Your Event

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Karen Ashwin
April 13, 2019

How many events have you attended that invited you via email and treated you to three hours of canapés and drinks? You’ve probably lost count.

Now, off the top of your head, think of a single one of these events that stood out.

If you’re still thinking, then we’ve justified the purpose of this exercise. But let’s start from the ground up and briefly explore the meaning of experiential marketing.

The Event Production Company has integrated experiential marketing into several of its events. Here is why everyone from event coordinators to event management companies should consider adding experiential marketing to their drawing board.

Exploring experiential marketing in a nutshell

The purpose of experiential marketing is to make an impact using a unique experience. In an industry that’s flooded with information overload, from promotional text messages to emails with enthusiastic headlines, the charm of human interaction reigns supreme. Instead of becoming one of the several thousand emails sitting in your attendee’s inbox, engage them in the real world. If your guests tend to know event schedules like the back of their hand, surprise them with yours.

Keep the operations sailing smoothly from start to finish

Having a long line of guests is fantastic news for an event company but not so great for the guests that have to wait in line. Let the hospitality begin before your guests enter the event by organising entertainment and water in the registration area. Ensure the check-in team has been trained to be efficient so the registration process is as memorable as the actual event is.

How experiential marketing will get your guests talking about you

Save your guests the task of making small talk with strangers at your event. In order to form genuine and lasting connections, they’ll need to go beyond discussing the weather or the services their company provides. Help them tap into a new realm of conversation by using shared experience. An event that engages its audience with experiential marketing, whether it’s with a creative or tech-driven activity, is sure to fuel conversation that revolves around (and potentially praises) the brand.

A digital souvenir trumps a branded pen or mug

If you want your event to be talked about, make it easy for your guests to do so. Take advantage of your attendees’ passion for social media and use quirky Snapchat filters or Instagram stickers distinct to your event. GIF photo booths always go down a storm and if you’re looking to keep things mostly conventional – experiment with fun name tags instead. In the digital era, virtual reality is also being embraced by the event industry. Make a difference at your next event with a VR or AR activity. Keep it simple by getting started with a hashtag unique to your event. You can then track the social media coverage your event receives which helps measure feedback.

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