How The Event Production Company Helps Marketing Managers with Live Events in 2019

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Karen Ashwin
August 3, 2019

Live events are becoming increasingly important to businesses. Not only do they provide the business with a way to establish a face-to-face connection with important business contacts and members of the business’s target market, but they’re also an excellent source of organic promotion. The list of benefits businesses experience from either hosting or attending a live event include:

  • Developing and strengthening your business’s interpersonal relationship
  • Establishing themselves as industry leaders
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Heightened visibility
  • Improved relations with the community
  • Boosting sales/revenue
  • Garnering good press
  • Helping build brand recognition

Don’t shy away from the idea of putting together a live event because you’re afraid the outcome won’t justify the stress and effort of creating and hosting an event. However, the numbers indicate that live events often have the best ROI of any marketing efforts. Data gathered by Statisa indicates that 44% of marketers who put together live events generated a 3:1 ROI. During 2018, many businesses reported that live event marketing proved to be their second most effective form of marketing. SEO came in first. 80% of the businesses polled by the Event Marketing 2018 Benchmarks and Trends report stated that they felt live events played a crucial role in their marketing strategy.

Effectiveness of Live Events

The effectiveness of live event marketing has prompted businesses in the United States to devote more of their marketing budget to live events. Statisa reported that U.S. corporations intend to spend:

  • 24% more on live product launches
  • 19% more on live VIP events
  • 54% more on media events

74% of customers report that attending a branded live event increased the odds that they’d purchase a product from the company.

While hosting an event is good for your business, it’s also a big undertaking. Further, the good news is that when you contact The Event Production Company, you’ll learn that we simplify the entire process for you.

Who is The Event Production Company

The Event Production Company has a long history of helping plan some of the most successful events. We’ve used our 26 years’ worth of experience cultivating relationships with vendors, marketers, and members of the African media. We’re ready and willing to use that knowledge to help you put together the perfect event for your business.

You can count on The Event Production Company to:

  • Help you leverage strong relationships with sponsors, corporate partners, the media, and your customers
  • Planning and setting up outstanding exhibitions
  • Marketing your event

You’ll love our hands-on approach to event planning. The Event Production Company is based in Dubai, but we’ve successfully put together live events all over Africa and the Middle East.

How The Event Production Company Approaches Each Event

An important aspect of successful live event marketing is making every single event feel fresh and exciting, which is why we give every single detail of your event the highest degree of attention. While your guests will find your event creative and engaging, behind the scenes, we’ve taken a logistical approach to each step, making sure the event is a perfect match for your brand. We proudly offer each of our customers turnkey event management solutions that meet each and every one of your event requirements.

When you turn to The Event Production Company for help planning and executing your next live event, you’ll enjoy working with a team of event marketing experts who excel at using new technology, social media, and innovative thinking, all of which they use to make your next event the best event ever! An end result is a cutting-edge event that your guests will still be talking about several months after the event has ended.

How The Event Production Company Helps You Turn Your Next Live Event into the Best Live Event

We take a great deal of pride in our ability to make your event stress-free and successful.

Sourcing Your Live Event

Live events don’t run themselves. Successful live events require diverse, multidisciplinary teams. We have a hands-on approach to live events that satisfy our clients. Over the years, we’ve worked with many of the world’s top brands. We have the connections needed to pair your live event with businesses and people who will make your event shine. We are happy to handle the sourcing of:

  • Venues
  • Speakers
  • Branding
  • Entertainment
  • Logistics
  • And more

Reaching a Wider Audience

A live event is only successful if it’s properly marketed. Thus, when you come to us for help planning your next big live event, we’ll handle everything. Not only do we make sure the event is properly promoted, we do so in a way that helps build your brand.

One of the best things about hosting an event in today’s world is the ability to use technology to reach a far wider audience. We put the technology to good use by setting up live television broadcasting, online streaming, and other types of integration so that fans who wanted to attend the event, but who simply couldn’t get the time off, are still able to take part.


Finding a place to accommodate your live event is one of the many things The Event Production Company excels at. Not only can you count on us for:

  • Venue selection
  • Travel arrangements
  • Risk Management
  • Logistics
  • Security

Types of Live Events The Event Production Company Specializes in

It doesn’t matter the type of live event you want to have, we have the experience and resources to make it happen. Over the years we’ve put together:

Live Events The Event Production Company has Helped

The Event Production Company has played a role in putting together some of the biggest events Africa and the Middle East has seen. In fact, large-scale corporate events we’ve been responsible for include:

  • The Coca-Cola Woodruff Cup Celebration
  • Shell V-Power Nitro + Festival
  • Nelson Mandela’s 85th Birthday Celebration
  • Ernst and Young Africa Partner Conference
  • The World Summit
  • Samsung African Forum
  • And many more!

The sooner you get in touch with The Event Production Company, the sooner we can start planning the live event that helps you meet your 2019 business goals.

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