How To Maximize ROI In The Events Industry

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Karen Ashwin
April 23, 2019

How To Maximize ROI In The Events Industry

It’s no secret that organizing an event is a pricey affair.

The Event Production Company has learned how to engineer a tasteful event within budget. We have formed significant contacts and strategic partnerships that help us organize an impressive event, even if the budget is occasionally lower than expected.


Keep the human element active using CRM

In the age of all things digital, your guests will appreciate experiential marketing over a standard email. Make sure your follow-up message has personality – this will distinguish you from the other emails piled up in your guest’s inbox. Ensure your CRM is personal and feels like catching up with an old friend.

Remember that word of mouth is still a trusted source of information for most people, so make your CRM worth talking about. In addition to this software, keep in touch with your guests over social media. Keep an eye on online feedback and respond in a timely manner. This will set you apart from your competitors.

Invest in getting the event’s name out there

You could have an award-winning event on your hands but it won’t receive the traction it deserves without being promoted. Set aside a reasonable budget to give your event enough exposure to get noticed. Investigate social media ad campaigns, OOH advertising, radio spots, and press coverage. Notable sponsorships, collaborations with banking partners, and freebies will also pull in the masses.

Take a moment to analyze how organically discoverable your event is. Does it show up on the first page after a Google search? Investing in SEO will ensure your event appears on its target audience’s radar even if they don’t know what it’s called.

When everyone’s going right, go left

Surprise your guests by hosting an event that’s different from the rest. Take calculated risks by introducing quirky elements into your event.

If you’ve never attempted anything like this, start small with a unique event filter or branded digital stickers. If you think your guests can handle something more extreme – consider indoor bungee jumping to get everyone’s energy flowing.

Everyone loves a smart event

Take your event to the next level using the power of technology. Start off with flawless wifi – this is absolutely crucial and will heavily influence your guest’s overall experience. Instead of a branded lanyard or keepsake USB, equip your attendees with a power bank upon registration. Dead batteries are as common at events as carpeted floors and finger sandwiches. If you can’t afford state-of-the-art tech giveaways, invest in ensuring what you do have, works to the best of its ability.

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