When Is Your Event Too Big To Fail?

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Karen Ashwin
March 23, 2019

f you’re a well-established event planning company with decades of experience and a notable clientele from all over the world, your event cannot afford to fail.

As one of the top event management companies in Dubai and Africa, we have prioritized our reputation and quality of work above all else. Here are some key aspects to consider the next time you’re surveying suppliers for your next event.

Prioritise your company’s reputation in the industry

Yelp. Trip Advisor. Glassdoor. None of these websites would be where they are today if customer opinion wasn’t important. Reputation is vital, especially in the highly competitive event management industry. Something as simple as a negative Facebook review could shift a potential client’s intention of working with you.

It’s important to stay vigilant of customer feedback in both the real and online world. Enable Google Alerts to stay updated with comments that mention you online. Encourage clients to share their feedback online – this promotes open conversation and will persuade them to keep their feedback more constructive than critical.

Cherry pick the vendors you hire for your event

The vendors you join forces with on your event are essentially an extension of your in-house team. This is why it’s important to ensure your brand values are synchronised with theirs. If your event planning company’s USP is your optimism and enthusiasm, look to collaborate with a vendor that possesses these features.

Organizing an event is a collaborative process and relies on teamwork. In order to please your client and execute a successful event with minimal bumps along the way, choose your event management vendors with diligence. The quality of their services will impact your company’s reputation.

Always employ the hostess with the mostest

The hosts and hostesses at your event are your brand ambassadors. On the actual day of the event, they will heavily influence your guests’ experience. Be mindful about the event staff you hire and ensure they are skilled conversationalists. In addition to looking presentable, they should also be willing to learn about the event and the product it is promoting. Your guests will rely on your host and hostess’ knowledge and guidance to make their way around the event. A smooth registration process is also an important guest experience to flawlessly execute.

Have a solid crisis management plan in place

In case of emergency, break the glass and put your crisis management plan into play. It is always wise to pre-empt and prepare for the worst, especially in a scenario as fragile as the event planning industry. A successful event relies on countless factors from the punctuality of your event staff to the expertise of your contractors.

If you’re an event planning company working on a tight budget and cannot accommodate skilled and seasoned professionals, roughly chalk up a Plan B in case you need to spring into action at the last minute.

The Event Production Company is an award-winning event management agency that specializes in Live Events, Employee Engagement, Exhibitions and Conference Management throughout the Middle East and North Africa.


“If you can dream it, you can do it”. - Walt Disney...and we’ll be here to help make it a reality.

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